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Asphalt Supervisor / Foreman / QC Manager / Paving

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Construction/Real Estate


1997-Coal City High School High School Diploma

-Joliet Junior College Junior College
03/2003-Flight Safety Academy Flight School Certification

Work experience


8125 102nd Ave.
Vero Beach, FL 32967
To obtain an operations management position in the construction materials industry.
Asphalt Supervisor, Hardrives, Inc. 12/2008-2/09
Supervision of asphalt projects, paving personal, and trucks on jobsite. Ensuring Quality Control was to meet or excide customer’s expectations. Dealing with managers, customers, and owners of paving projects to ensure project is on schedule and to deal with current or future issue’s with project. Doing Quality Control reports for asphalt placement on (FDOT) projects. Running of all types of machinery (paver, screw, loader, bobcat, steel wheeled roller, traffic roller, and crew truck) as needed to fill-in when someone could not fill in necessary role or if someone did not show up for work. Reporting to owner, second in command, superintendents, and other pertinent personal as to status of project, including daily, weekly, and pre-paving meetings with additional staff. Reading and laying out of area according to blue print readings as they pertain to adjustment of final roadway layout. Measuring of paving areas and re-measuring during paving day to ensure asphalt would finish area; but not have any left over after daily operations, ordering asphalt from plant daily and readjusting order due to any needed adjustments, ordering correct number of trucks and either adding or taking away trucks as paving operation goes along, so that job could stay within budget parameters. Keeping time on paving personal and making sure that no over-time would be used, unless truly needed. Conducted safety meetings with paving crew and other personal on job site, as to the dangers of surrounding area, and instances that could happen. Handled personal issues as they became apparent within paving crew, so that paving crew can stay on task and on time and harmony among personal could continue.   Prepared internal office reports, medical forms, and insurance reports as they pertain to discipline or accident reports. 
            􀂃 Increased Quality Control in paving operation.
            􀂃 Reduced daily cost.
            􀂃 Helped paving crew become more coherent.
QC Manager, Elmo Greer & Sons 2007-11/2008
Preparing Quality Control plans for new and existing projects. Analyzing and over seeing all aspects of plant and road operations as they pertain to QC. Working closely with the senior engineer, project manager, and assistant project manager as it pertains to final estimates, monthly estimates, and day to day operations. Overseeing additional staff members and their needs as they pertain to company operations.   Involved in direct purchasing for company operations from day to day operations to future endeavors. Supervision of asphalt crew. Training of employee’s for usage and techniques of tools and equipment. Communicating with asphalt plant operator and foreman as to status of daily operations in regards to flow of operation, quantity and quality of asphalt, and expected times of trucks from plant to job site. Estimating and calculating daily tonnage and required number of trucks for delivery. Working closely with foreman and plant operator as to load-out times and plant shut-down times. Overseeing MOT operations to allow maximum flow for operation. Setting up daily and weekly tonnages and types of asphalt needed for locations. Setting up independent trucks as to location, route to be taken, expected time of arrival and amount of time for delivery.  
􀂃 Increased revenue during the past 2 years.
            􀂃 Reduced daily cost over the past two years.
            􀂃 Decreased stalls in daily paving activities during the past 2 years.
Field and Lab Technician, Erosion Control Specialist, and MOT Supervisor.
Elmo Greer & Sons. 2004-11/2008
Mediator between Elmo Greer and Sons and federal, state, county and city inspectors. Making sure that each job was according to specifications, contract and inspectors wishes, that plant operations were producing the right mix for each job and that the lab was getting good results for each test. Taking core samples from road, running samples in the lab, helping diagnose and fix problems at the plant, taking care of personnel problems and issues that may arise. Running equipment, shoveling, training new personal on the various uses and features of different equipment. Arranging and tracking trucks for the each daily operation, communicating with plant operator as to potential problems with daily paving and plant operations. LIMS entries and all necessary paperwork. Supervising and mentoring other personnel with daily issues and personal problems. Setting up lane closures to for all operations, erosion prevention and storm water control. Reports for MOT and erosion control. Complying with requests from various organizations (FDOT, Turnpike Authority…). Overseeing day-to-day operational lane closures and instructing others how to put up and maintain lane closures. 
            􀂃 Increased paving operations in the last two years.
            􀂃 Reduced loss time from outside delays.
            􀂃 Stopped traffic collisions from happening during all lane closures.
Plant Operator, Elmo Greer and Sons, 2004-11/2008
Running plant operations {loading trucks, making mix, doing maintenance on the plant, ordering supplies (A/C, fuel oil, diesel, and other supplies)}. Main concerns were putting together a quality mix and then keeping the plant maintained. Checking with lab personal to verify testing was according to specification and mix design. Running heavy machinery, such as front-end loaders, track hoes, bobcats and several others pieces of machinery. 
            􀂃 Decreased cost and increased quality.
            􀂃 Reduced loss time from outside delays.
            􀂃 Increased production.
CTQP: QC Manager, Paving 1&2, Plant 1&2. 
Erosion Control Supervisor, Advanced MOT Supervisor, & Nuclear Safety.
Attended various professional and technical training courses and seminars.
Certified Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot with Instrument and all flight instructor ratings-
Flight Safety Academy-Vero Beach, FL 2003
General Classes towards BS degree-Joliet Junior College-1997-1999
Able to run several different types of heavy machinery.


• CTQP: QC Manager, Paving 1&2, Plant 1&2.


• Erosion Control Supervisor, Advanced MOT Supervisor, & Nuclear Safety.


• Attended various professional, and technical training courses and seminars.


• Certified Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot with Instrument and all flight instructor ratings-Flight Safety Academy-Vero Beach, FL 2003


• General Classes towards BS degree-Joliet Junior College-1997-1999


• Able to run several different types of heavy machinery.



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Dale GiffordElmo Greer & SonsQC

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English fluent


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